Oleanders, Jewels of Port Arthur

Oleander flower

Oleanders bushes color Port Arthur

Locals who remember the days before the seawall tell of miles of oleander. Bushes in full bloom created a beautiful, living wall of pink and white.

Blooming Beauty

Oleanders are found throughout the Port Arthur in yards, along the Seawall, and grow plentifully along the highway.  Huge mounds of flowers can stand coastal Texas’ heat and wind and grow up  to 25 feet high.

Look: Don’t Touch

Oleander is native to the Mediterranean and on showy display in the South. It seems particularly happy along the Gulf Coast.  The woody evergreen has no scent and is probably the most toxic plant in Texas.  Enjoy this beauty from afar: Look but don’t touch.

It’s official!

Oleander appears as a privacy hedge in yards and is decorates city parks.  No surprise, it is the official flower of Port Arthur. State records say the official city flag for Port Arthur shows an oleander flower marking our spot.

Always Growing

If you love blooms and gardens, enjoy the peaceful koi ponds, lotus blossoms and bamboo at Buu Mon Buddhist Temple garden in Port Arthur. They present June Garden Fests. Visit Shangri La in Orange and Beaumont Botanical Gardens. 

Guest blogger Jody Holton of Port Arthur loves history and growing herbs for her homemade Italian masterpieces. 

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