Natural Beaches are Important

two ladies crouching near the water

Why Natural Beaches and Marshes Matter

When many of us think about visiting the beach, we imagine staying at a luxury beachfront resort or renting a private, multi-level condo with direct access to the beach. We think of shops, ferris wheels and in some cases, casinos. But Sea Rim’s beach is of the natural sort and is a true, back to nature experience. Here are some reasons why we reserve beach fronts in Texas for the birds (truly) and why places like Sea Rim seek to preserve the habitats therein: 

Beaches and Marshes Provide Protection:  The protected shoreline provides essential protection to inland areas from the effects of storms. The Gulf of Mexico is known for fierce tropical storms and even hurricanes, so this park is especially important to those living in nearby areas surrounded by the Gulf.  

Plant Life Protection: A myriad of salt-tolerant plants cover the sand dunes. The plants help form the dunes by trapping wind-blown sand while their roots help stabilize and secure the dunes.  

Wildlife Preservation: the protected breeding and foraging ground make for a great place for animals to thrive in their native habitats 


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