Buu Mon Buddhist Temple

2701 Procter Street, Port Arthur, TX
buu mon budhhist temple in port arthur texas

Stroll through gardens of towering bamboo with koi pond

The Buu Mon Buddhist Temple’s gardens create a peaceful scene with fruit trees, lotus, bamboo and other foliage. A statue of Buddha, rimmed in lights, is at the head of a reflecting pool. A sitting Buddha watches over the koi pond.  

Grounds are open daily and visitors may stroll about. If guests spot a saffron-robed monk, ask if it’s a good time to get an inside view of the temple. Buu Mon hosts Garden Festival in June.  

In 1980 Buu Mon was established in Beaumont, hence the name. The organization moved to Orange, then found a home in Port Arthur in 1986. The current building has been a Baptist Church and a Vietnamese Catholic Church. The temple, was dedicated August 15, 1987, with a four-tiered pagoda tower symbolizing tenets of Buddhism.

Then Abbot, Venerable Huyen Viet, established gardens in 1988 which became noted for water lily cultivation. Buu Mon hosts a Lunar New Year Celebration

Buu Mon Contact Numbers:

(409) 880-5157

(409) 527-2003

Formal or Group Tour:

If you’d like to book a formal tour, please call the Visitors Bureau at 409.985.7822

Getting There

Buu Mon Buddhist Temple

2701 Procter Street, Port Arthur, TX, USA