Birding at Sea Rim State Park

birder at sea rim state park in port arthur texas

Get Birdy at the Beach

Birding enthusiasts travel far and near to experience Birding on the Upper Gulf Coast. We are located on two of the four migratory flyways in the USA – The Central and Mississippi. Here in the park, the protected waterfront and adjacent marsh unit make for a safe and well-known fall-out spot for migratory and native birds alike.

Pelican at the beach

New to birding?

The beach is great for beginning birders. You have plenty of walking room, sky and beach line and time to practice identifying shore and wading birds. The birds are friendly and accustomed to beach goers, so you can get close or stay back and work on your optic and photography skills.

Birding in Port Arthur

Turnstone on the shoreline

Fall and Spring Migration

Peak spring migration occurs between March and May. Peak fall migration takes place from August through November. Nearly 400 species in and around the area annually, so you’re all but guaranteed to check more than a few off your life list.

A dock at Sea Rim State Park

Weekend Birding Trip

Spend a weekend birding in Port Arthur. Here is a sample weekend itinerary to get you started birding at any one of our 28 Great Texas Birding Trails within a 40-mile range of the city.

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