Little Bird Lovers: Learn About Sea Rim State Park

Sea Rim Cover Art

Sea Rim Activity Book Inspires Little Stewards

Go on an adventure with Sandy the Crab through the brand new Sea Rim State Park Activity Book. Trek through the marshlands and beaches of the upper Texas Gulf Coast. Discover the wildlife, habitats and activities you can see and experience at Sea Rim. Grab a fellow explorer, color the the pages and puzzles inside and tackle the Bucket List for Kids on the back.

Bird-Friendly Kids

This book has 18 pages of coloring and puzzles, word scrambles and park facts. We figure kids already love learning about birds and other wildlife, so they will enjoy this book as they plan to visit Sea Rim State Park or note their good-time memories of a fun family trip.

Dark Skies Help Migration

Sea Rim State Park is one great place to see the stars. Dark skies help us focus on them, and it also helps the birds find their way during migration. Young bird lovers can get more information and activities to keep their homes equipped to help nature. The International Dark-Sky Association reports that by turning off excess lighting, we can help provide migrating birds safe passage between nesting and wintering grounds. Sky glow can distract migrating birds from their routes, leaving them weak and vulnerable to pray. Simple tips to help include:

  • Keep indoor lights indoors (draw blinds)
  • Turn off unnecessary lights
  • Install motion sensors and timers to turn lights off when they are not needed
  • Aim exterior lights down and put a shield on top. This will keep light where it belongs.
  • International Dark-Sky Association offers more info for better bird migration and light pollution here.
  • Get some of their brochures here.
  • Want to hear an epic migration tale? They suggest reading Night Moves, published in Audubon magazine, here.

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