PieCaken: Trendy Holiday Treat

piecaken desserts and coffee in port arthur

Your Holiday in a Slice

Ready to try PieCaken? This impressive 4-in-1 combination dessert includes everyone’s seasonal favorites. Rao’s PieCaken is a carrot spice cake with both a pumpkin pie and pecan pie between the layers. Cream cheese icing, a sprinkle of pecans and an apple topping round out this all-inclusive treat at Nederland’s Rao’s Bakery & Deli.

Piecaken is trending

Can you imagine bringing this talked-about creation to a holiday gathering? Rao’s debuted PieCaken last holiday season, but this is the first year the area bakery family is promoting it. Popular? Yes.

“It’s a little something different, you know. When people see it, they want to know about it,” Jake Tortorice, Rao’s president, said.

About That Name

PieCaken is a natural indulgent Southern dessert to follow a festive “terducken.” That’s a deboned chicken stuffed into deboned duck stuffed into deboned turkey. We do things BIG in Texas.

Any Calories in there?

“We saw that it was good and rich and extremely filling,” Tortorice said.

Is there an exact calorie breakdown? “No,” Tortorice said, but suggests anyone concerned can simply indulge in a smaller serving. PieCaken is sold as a whole cake or by the slice. With that in mind, consider ordering in advance to be the hit of the holidays. Shop the Mid-County store for holiday gifts, too.

Always a Feast

As you can see, in Port Arthur, we pride ourselves on good eats and a mix of flavors. For more on our Seafood, Mexican, Asian and Cajun fare at area restaurants, click here. 

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