On the Taco Trail: Tasty Trucks to Try in Port Arthur

taco truck in port arthur

Let’s talk Taco Trucks

You see the trucks on your daily commute, and you’ve always wondered what the food is like from those brightly colored Mexican food trucks. After celebrating this years Cinco de Mayo, I was inspired to take a tour of our city’s food truck life.

Food trucks are known to have quick-to-make comfort foods because these are the go-to spots for the blue collar every day labor worker. These are food that are ready in under 10 minutes and you can can enjoy eating standing up. These hidden gems are sure to spice up your work-day lunch or late-night food crawl. So, let’s talk Taco Trucks:

plate of tacos in port arthur texas

Delicias Mexicanas

3949 Twin City Hwy, TX 77642 at the side of Citgo Gas Station
FB: @deliciasmexicanas

The name says it all. This place serves nothing but some of Mexico’s best and delightful comfort foods. Their most popular dish is the made-to-order handmade tortilla tacos. The maza they used for their tortillas has the right taste and consistency, and you can choose from many of their fillings. You cannot go wrong with their Asada and Pastor tacos, and for those who like to live on the wild side, don’t forget to ask for the “chile toreado” for a little kick to your taste buds.

taco truck in port arthur

taco plate in port arthur texas

Richard’s Taqueria

5265 Gulfway Drive, 77642
FB: @richardstaqueria

Richards Taqueria is Taco heaven! Not only is most of their menu different styles of tacos, they also serve some of the most unusual taco fillings. Don’t get me wrong, they serve usual popular meat fillings you can find everywhere, but they specialize in making guisados- stewed meats.

And to top it all off, they make their own homemade flour and corn tortillas tortilla for their quesadillas and street tacos, and for their crispy tacos they use imported tortillas from back in Mexico for that authentic taste.

taco box in port arthur

Valluco's seating in port arthur

Taqueria El Valluco

4320 9th Ave, 77642
FB: @956food

Trust me, it’s all good here. But, you have to try the “Combo Loco!” With it, you get tacos, a baked potato and a cup of charro beans. This combo is crazy, but you get the best out of this world plate of goodness when combining American and Mexican cuisine from a place like The Valley, TX. 

The tacos have great flavor and seasoning without being oversalted. And to top it off, they’re served with sautéed onions, which add a sweet flavor and that extra “umph to the taco. Mouth watering!

Tacos Oreo

3225 9th Ave, 77642 on the parking lot of the convenience store
FB: @tacosoreo

Tacos Oreo is the go-to taco shop for those with late night cravings. This shop is serving lunch and dinner until upwards of 9pm at night. I don’t believe that takes a toll on quality. 

They never disappoint and always treat the customer right. Their mini tacos are some of the best, and some of their most popular are the tripa (chitlins) and chorizo tacos with their mild creamy green salsa.

As you can see, food truck tacos are not all alike. But they do have one thing in common. They are locally owned, mom-and-pop trucks that will bring back many childhood memories like enjoying the food your grandparents fed you in their kitchens. I invite you to visit some of these treasured spots and enjoy all the flavors Port Arthur has to offer. Share your foodie pics with us and remember to show some love by using the hashtag #flavorsofPATX when you do!

As the Marketing Strategist at Big Boy Consulting, Armando Ruiz truly is the BIG BOY of storytelling. He has a passion for all things foodie and all things Port Arthur. You can catch him on social every day sharing his fun times and foodie adventures on Facebook.

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