Why Every Texan Needs to Fish Sabine Lake

rear photo of girl holding redfish in port arthur texas

Picture Yourself in Port Arthur

Golden coastal sunrises, redfish at eye level and dramatic landings… Outdoors journalist Danno Wise has an eye for angler action and shares it in his new book, “Fishing for Photographs: A Collection of Coastal Angling Images.”  These beauty shots will get you in the mood to steer your boat to Pleasure Island Marina and cast a line in Sabine Lake. You’d have company. It’s a great lake, known for trout, redfish and flounder.

Texas Coastal Love

“The Texas Coast is incredibly diverse –  from the crystal clear sand flats of the Lower Laguna Madre to the marshes and backwaters of Sabine Lake. Each area has its own unique charm and is alluring for fishermen and nature lovers alike,” Wise said.

Wise has spent a lifetime making his living along the Texas coast. In light of his Lone Star love, he has been a hunting and fishing guide, a boat captain and now enjoys a life of writing and photography. Enjoy some of his images here while we share what Wise has to say about the Port Arthur area.

redfish in a fisherman's net in port arthur texas

Outstanding Redfish Action

“Sabine Lake offers some outstanding redfish action in the miles of marshy wetlands surrounding the lake.” Wise says. “Sabine is also renown for its flounder fishing, as well as the tremendous speckled trout fishing for both numbers of keeper fish as well as trophy trout. But, beyond the excellent angling action is the opportunity to target each of the Texas Inshore ‘Big 3’ in one of the most unique, dynamic and beautiful bay systems on the Texas Coast.”

Did you hear that? For a free Port Arthur Waterways to these alluring fish, click here. 

black and white photo of a spotty speckled sea trout in port arthur texas

Why Wise loves Sabine Lake

“I have fished and photographed every bay in Texas and always love spending time on Sabine because of its diverse blend of habitat seen on the water and the unique blend of cultures experienced off it. It is truly an area every Texan needs to fish.”

You can’t beat an endorsement like that.

fishing for photographs book cover

The Book

For more unique, coastal angling photographs, Danno’s new book, “Fishing for Photographs: A Collection of Coastal Angling Images,” is available on both at Amazon.com and Walmart.com.

Captain Danno Wise is a writer and illustrator for Texas Outdoor Journal. He has lived along the Gulf Coast of Texas his entire life. Find him on and in the water, capturing images of fish and fishermen.

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