Grandma’s Country Cooking

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Let’s go to Grandma’s

B.W. Chipman loved grandma’s cooking and it looks like he’s not alone. Grandma’s Country Cooking has been serving up helpings of down-home southern food such as catfish and chicken fried steak to Port Arthur residents and visitors.

Mary Meaux – of Port Arthur, The Magazine – chatted with Chipman, general manager of this restaurant at 7217 Ninth Avenue, to get a taste of the place. We’re betting she had to put down that notepad and camera and enjoy some of the plates she photographed. Read all about it:

Grandma’s Country Cooking

There’s nothing like Grandma’s cooking to take you back in time to the comforts of home. And that’s what’s being offered at Grandma’s Country Cooking. The eatery has that down-home feel with its checkered tablecloths, comfortable chairs and a friendly atmosphere, but it’s about more than just the look – there’s the food.

Grandma’s Recipes

Mary Thibodeaux is the grandma behind the restaurant’s name. General manager B.W. Chipman remembers how the family would be together and a cousin would be inside learning the recipes.

“I always loved grandma’s cooking,” Chipman said. “It’s been 30  years since she passed and when we opened (the restaurant) I went back to my childhood. It always brings me home.”

The restaurant opened its doors on Mother’s Day 2018 and has stayed pretty busy.


“We provide a nice, Christian environment for the whole family,” he said.

Besides families, Grandma’s also sees the working crowd such as plan workers coming in for lunch where they can get in and get out and back on the job.

“It gets packed,” he said.

Some Grandma’s top picks include:

  • Catfish with a side of fries.
  • Chicken fried steak and sides, such as a square of cornbread
  • Grandma’s fish and shrimp. We’ll take fries with that, too.
  • Beef tips and sides
  • Grandma’s fried shrimp with hush puppies
  • Grandma’s meatloaf and sides

Port Arthur, The Magazine, is a Port Arthur News publication. Be sure to pick up a copy while in town.

By Mary Meaux, Reporter at the Port Arthur News

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