Dip your toes in the sand at Sea Rim State Park

shells at the beach

Where there are so many shells!

Shelling is the technical term for beach combing. Is it even possible to take a stroll down the beach without your eyes automatically drifting to the sand in search of something? A shell, a shark’s tooth? Anything, really. Of course not! The excitement is in the looking, the searching, the anticipation of the find.

Shelling, for some, is serious business. But for most, looking for shells is simply a beach going pass time, a thing to do, with the hopes of spotting something beautiful – maybe something worth keeping – if not simply admiring for the rest of the day.

If you’re into shelling, we’ve got good news for you: Sea Rim has the shells! Did you just think of that Arby’s commercial? “Arby’s. We have the meats.” Good, then you got the reference.

We often ask folks what they found when they look for shells at the Park. They mostly say, “I found pretty ones,” or “there are so many shells!” Well, that’s good enough for us, because we often find pretty ones there, too. But, the Park’s HQ office is now selling a waterproof folding Shells of Texas: A Beachcombers Guide to the Gulf Coast at $7.95 a piece for those who want to learn a little more about their found treasures.

Something to consider: Take a peek inside the shells before tossing them into your beach pale for safe keeping. Some shells wash up with creatures still thriving inside, and we want to protect their lives as much as possible.

Insider tip: Come out to Sea Rim early in the day. You’ll be the first to explore the shells that have washed ashore the night before.

Written by our Marketing Director and outdoor enthusiast, Callie Summerlin.

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