Warblers enjoy Sabine Woods

Great Crested Flycatcher
Great Crested Flycatcher image by Dana Nelson

Warblers enjoying Sabine Woods Nature lovers can get to Sabine Woods for what the birds are up to after Hurricane Harvey.

“The good news is that Sabine Woods looks fine after the hurricane. There were three trees that came down, but only one of them is on a trail,” reads a Golden Triangle Audubon Society update. The Audubon group maintains the popular Texas Ornithological Society bird sanctuary, an area of large oaks along a chenier ridge running west a few miles from Sabine Pass, Texas. It’s a Central Flyway known for drawing spring and fall migration fans.

Just after the August floods, bird lovers recorded 15 warbler species in a week, including a black-throated gray. We at the Port Arthur Convention & Visitors Bureau invite visitors to enjoy Sabine Woods, Museum of the Gulf Coast and our array of restaurants.

Get a flavor for our area so you’ll stay longer, later.

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