Tour and Taste at Clifford Distillery

Clifford Distilling, Sean Clifford with two bottles, Port Arthur

Distilling Good Times in Downtown Port Arthur

In support of Southern spirit and good times, Clifford Distilling, LLC is open in downtown Port Arthur. Get a group together for a tasting and hear how this vet-owned business runs the still so you can taste Kentucky tradition with a Texas twist. Bourbon is coming in the near future.

Texas History, Bottled

bottles of local liquor in port arthur texas

Sean Clifford is retired from the U.S. Army and is Texas proud. His  101 proof whiskeys honor the 101st Airborne Division at Fort Campbell.  Flags adorn the walls and bottles feature a Lone Star. Blends are named for Texas battles. More on that in a bit.

Tasting Room and Live Music

Clifford Distilling stage, Port Arthur

Get an old west feel in the tasting room with vintage mirrors from area antique legend Snooper’s Paradise. At this long bar, Clifford measures out tastes and explains his line of Texas-themed products. Every other Saturday, enjoy live music from local artists. The stage looks like a porch. Now that’s Texas hospitality. Patrons can savor drinks as they take in a view of the distillery.  Check out their Facebook page for food truck and musician activity. Humidor Cigar Lounge provides cigars.

Get in the Spirit

Cllifford Distilling, watching still in Port Arthur

You might find Mr. Clifford in a rocking chair, watching the still. Mrs. Clifford, Wendy, says it takes a lot of attention to monitor the dials for the best product. Their distillation process removes methanol from the alcohol. This could reduce side effects such as headaches and dizziness, Mr. Clifford said.

What are you Having?

Clifford Distilling bottles in tasting room, Port Arthur

Products and labels honor Texas history. Owners say some guests come in thinking they are not whiskey or rum people. After tasting, they come around. Here are some selections to ask about:

  • The San Patricio – Texas Rum – In Honor of the Brave Texians That Fought Back
  • San Jacinto – Texas Silver Rum – The Battle That Ended the Texas Revolution
  • The San Antonio  – Texas Straight Whiskey – Remember the Alamo
  • The Gonzales – Texas Corn Whiskey – Come and Take It
  • The Goliad –  Texas Straight Whiskey  – In Honor of the Brave Texian POWs Massacred at Goliad

MAXimum Hospitality

Clifford Distilling dog Max on mat

Big fan of big dogs? You might meet Max, a 115-pound American Bulldog who makes himself at home.” Relaxed Max adds to the laid-back atmosphere. He’s at home in the gift shop, stretching out on the Clifford Distilling welcome mat. Extend your visit by taking home some Clifford merch such as branded travel tumblers. One is shaped like a barrel. T-shirts and caps are also on display.

How to Tour Clifford Distilling

Clifford Distilling, seating area, Port Arthur

Clifford Distilling hours are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday through Thursday and 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Friday through Saturday. The owners say to just stop by. Call 409-300-4023 to arrange a visit or function at 235 Procter Street.

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