Sabine Lake “Elite” Fishing July 11-12

Jimmy giving Dwayne a high five

Tournament-Worthy Fishing

Sabine Lake brings the best anglers.  You’re invited to be one of them.

The Neches and Sabine rivers make a 14-mile fish-filled Lake we like to say begins at Pleasure Island and continues into Louisiana. Visit us and you may just want to keep your boat at Pleasure Island Marina.

Elite Redfish Series picked Port Arthur for yet another of its action-packed tournaments, Showtime on Sabine, is set for July 11-12, 2020, from the S.A.L.T. Club on Pleasure Island. This date has been rescheduled from May.


Fish it yourself or join us for exciting the weigh-in show! has the scoop.

Catch the Port Arthur episode of the Elite Redfish Series here! 

Plan your visit by downloading our new Waterways Guide here:


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