Prevent Bird Collisions

bird strike

How the Birds See It

Birds take what they see literally. Reflections in glass appear like habitat they can fly into. Strikes result in bird deaths, and there are ways to prevent them.

Bird Strike Support

American Bird Conservancy reports that up to 1 billion birds a year die in the United States from hitting windows. The group offers solutions to retrofitting windows at your home or office.

Begin with windows where you have found a dead bird. Large windows, especially those that reflect habitat and sky are another place to implement avian life saving strategies. Also, check windows near bird feeders and bird baths. Read tips here.

The Audubon Society shares information on buildings and bird safety, here. 


Bird-Friendly Port Arthur

bird friendly port arthur

We know you love Port Arthur birds as much as we do. We’re working hard to keep them safe. If you are looking to see what some of our great birding photographers have found, look for images tagged #birdportarthur and see what comes up.

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