Paddling Port Arthur by Kayak

Kayaking with a beautiful sunrise

Dave Roberts, owner of, has provided a guest blog on why he loves paddling Port Arthur waters. He is a contributor to “Texas Saltwater Magazine” and “The Local” at Bolivar Peninsula. Thanks, Dave!

Without a doubt Texas is one of the most diverse places in the world. In every corner of the state, the landscape changes and always features a new and different aspect. Texas really is a true paradise for people who love to spend their time in the outdoors. One of the finest places a person can visit is along the Gulf Coast and right here in Southeast Texas.


Port Arthur is located on the southeastern border of Texas with the edge of the city being the banks of Sabine Lake.  There are two rivers, the Neches and the Sabine, that flow south and pour into the lake. With this combination, it has created a vast system of bayous, estuaries, and marshland that stretches for miles. This is an ideal environment for boaters, kayakers, fisherman and bird watchers.


For any of these activities, it is as simple as taking Highway 87 down to Sea Rim State Park or any other Wildlife Management Area. Once you are there you can launch your kayak and start exploring. As you wind through the curvy bayous, one can witness a great amount of wildlife along the way. It is common to see alligators, raccoons, otters and multiple species of birds. Some of the familiar birds you will encounter are seagulls, white and brown pelicans, egrets, and ospreys. If you come visit during the winter months you can witness the thousands of waterfowl that migrate south and make this their home until spring.


If you are a fisherman than this is the place to be! With the miles of estuaries that surround Port Arthur, it is a perfect environment for shrimp, mullet, shad and blue crab to spawn and too take refuge during the warmer months. In turn, redfish, trout and flounder make this their home year round and this is where they reside. It is very common to catch all 3 species (a Texas Slam) during a day of fishing in Southeast Texas. Once you arrive to a marsh flat and see multiple redfish tailing, that is a sight that will have you hooked!

Whether it is fishing, bird watching or just enjoying the great outdoors, this part of Texas will cater to whatever you may be looking for. There are not many places that you can go and catch a Texas Slam, check off new species of birds on your list and witness wildlife up close. So be sure to come visit Port Arthur, the best kept secret on the Gulf Coast.

Don’t have your own kayak? Kayaks are available to rent at Sea Rim State Park.

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