Local flavor: TexJoy

Local Seasonings

TexJoy Steak Seasoning is packaged just down the road from Port Arthur, in Beaumont, Texas. It’s always getting shipped around the globe to flavor beef and chicken, potatoes, vegetables and all the dishes non-Texans don’t tend to spice up. Their varied line includes Seaport Coffee, file, garlic, extracts and blends like the new Rooster Booster.

Texas Coffee Company began in Beaumont, Texas in 1921 when Charles J. Fertitta, Sr. recognized the demand for a good quality coffee with a distinctive aroma and flavor. Mr. Fertitta began with an investment of $1,800 and a Ford Model-T truck, a few pounds of coffee and a one room “shotgun” style shack in back of the Crescent Market on Magnolia Street in downtown Beaumont.

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