Kayak Sea Rim State Park

girl paddles in the marsh unit at sea rim state park
Photo courtesy of Pam LeBlanc.

Kayak the Marsh Unit at Sea Rim

Sometimes, you can hear the roar of the Gulf of Mexico, but other days it’s all about the mellow. Bird calls, rustle of bulrushes in the wind and the splash of oars make a peaceful paddle at Sea Rim State Park.  

Trail Maps

girl renting a kayak at sea rim state park's rental kiosk on the marsh unit
Didn’t pack your yak? Rent one at Sea Rim’s Kayak Rental Kiosk. Photo courtesy of Pam LeBlanc.

At Sea Rim, you can rent a kayak or bring your own. If you get through the beginner trail to Fence Lake, you just might feel empowered enough to go advanced and end up in Salt Lake. Go in a single or tandem vessel and just do what the sign says: Don’t tease the gators. 

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