Kayak Sea Rim State Park!

Kayaking at Sea Rim

Sometimes, you can hear the roar of the Gulf of Mexico, but other days it’s all about the mellow. Bird calls, rustle of bulrushes in the wind and the splash of oars make a peaceful paddle at Sea Rim State Park.  

At Sea Rim, you can rent a kayak or bring your own. If you get through the beginner trail to Fence Lake, you just might feel empowered enough to go advanced and end up in Salt Lake. Go in a single or tandem vessel and just do what the sign says: Don’t tease the gators. 

A cabin that sleeps six is at the beginning of the paddle trail. There’s also camping and primitive camping, and plenty of hotels in Port Arthur.  

You may not want to leave the pace of the marsh, but it’s pretty exciting to cross the boardwalk to the ever-changing Gulf to hunt for shells, or stroll the Gambusia Nature Trail and spy a fiddler crab scooting sideways in the shallow water.  

Other Sea Rim features include a hiking trail, picnic areas and the camp sites.  

Check event list on Faceboook for fishing clinics, crabbing 101, star gazing, etc. 

  • Camping grounds; duck season 
  • Fishing 
  • Birding on the Gambusia Nature Trail (Sabine Woods Birding is down the Road)
  • McFaddin Wildlife Refuge is down the road.

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