Kayak Fishing In & Around Port Arthur

man holding redfish in a boat

Kayak Fish All Year Long

Here in the great state of Texas, we are fortunate to have 367 miles of coastline that borders the Gulf of Mexico, creating one of the most diverse places in the country. Port Arthur is located on the upper coast near the Louisiana border, alongside Sabine Lake. This lake is formed to the north where the Neches and Sabine Rivers converge. This area forms a unique ecosystem and makes it an ideal place for anglers and anyone who enjoys the outdoors.

One of the major draws to the area is the different kinds of fishing throughout the year. I have found that kayaking is a great way to access and fish the estuaries surrounding Port Arthur. A number of bayous and channels feed off the main lake back into shallower flats, and these are ideal for kayaking.

When it comes to fishing in Southeast Texas, several species can be targeted, but Trout, Redfish, Flounder and Bass are the most popular. Often and in the right places, all of these species can be caught in the same area.

man holding redfish in kayak

The North End

On the north end of the lake, you will find one of my favorite places to fish. There are few grassy flats off the Neches River filled with Cypress tree stumps. Because the area is hazardous for boats, you will typically only see kayakers. It is a perfect mixture between a swamp and a marsh (which holds and abundance of life besides fish.) There are plenty of birds to spot; I have even seen a family of Otters swimming through the stumps! There is something about scouring the flats for redfish and seeing Herons and Osprey perched on the tops of the stumps. It is a unique place that offers sights unlike anywhere else on the Texas coast.

Man in red kayak fishing at the beach

The South End

As you head to the south side of Sabine Lake you will notice similar bayous and ponds that are engraved in the Texas marsh. These areas hold an abundance of fish. While there are plenty of places to launch your kayak, I encourage you to either find a safe place on the side of the road or head down to Sea Rim State Park and launch at their facility. They also have a floating dock in the marsh that can be accessed via kayak and camped on overnight. You will see birds, fish and other wildlife. Did I mention gators? You can also launch at nearby McFadden Wildlife Refuge. Both places provide a safe place to launch and a great area to land a few fish.

Here on the Upper Coast, there are several options of where one can go kayak fishing. Whether on the north or south end, you are sure to catch a few fish and see plenty of other animals as you make your way through the marsh. Come visit Port Arthur and Sabine Lake and see one of the most unique places on the Texas Coast.

Written by David Roberts

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