Dark Skies for Bird Safety

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Dark Skies Help Bird Migration

Port Arthur’s Upper Texas Gulf Coast positioning puts us in both the Central and Mississippi Flyway. That’s a lot of birds. While they love it here and love it that you’ve come here to see them, we want to keep them safe as they head north, and then head back south again. Did you know that most birds migrate at night? Dark skies keep them headed in the right direction.

By the Numbers

illustration showing night sky and safe bird migration routes

It’s a good thing we can spot colorful painted bunting, yellow-rumped warblers and Baltimore orioles in the day time. That’s when they are resting and feeding. Many do all the hard work at night.

Artificial Lights Confuse Birds

illustration showing less light reduces bird deaths by 80%

Confused birds can collide or circle until dawn. Exhausted birds are vulnerable. Here’s the scoop from International Dark-Sky Association. Read it here.

For more information, look to the Texas Parks & Wildlife Dark Skies Program, here. 

How Can You Help?

A few easy things can greatly help birds find their way. Here are a few:

illustration showing what we can do to reduce bird deaths at night


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We love our birds so much. Have you read up on the amazing spring migration views at Sabine Woods? We are working hard to protect them. Read more bird-friendly tips here. 

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