10 Things You’ll Need on Your Next Charter Fishing Trip

rack of red rod and reels

Want to take a Charter Fishing Trip in Port Arthur but don’t know what to pack?  That’s okay, we’ve compiled a top 10 list to get you prepped and comfortable with your day on the water!

#1 Valid Texas Fishing License

man holding reel and redfish

First thing’s first! A valid fishing license with a freshwater or saltwater endorsement is required to take fish, mussels, clams, crayfish or other aquatic life in the public waters of Texas. If you are a Texas resident, you can purchase a one day license online for $11 and for non-residents, $16. There are many other options and discounts. Visit the Texas Parks and Wildlife Fishing Licenses page to get set up!

#2 Foul Weather Gear

girl holding redfish in the rain

Every sportsman wishes beyond hope that they will wake up to clear skies and smooth water conditions, and we have faith that’s just what you’ll get in Port Arthur. But it’s best to be prepared in the event of rain or storm while you’re out on the water, where conditions can change rapidly.

While shopping for your foul weather gear, look for two things: breathable and waterproof. Even though you’ll want to cover up, you’ll still be fishing, and comfort is a priority! Try it on and make sure you can move around with little interference.

#3 Windbreaker and Hat

back of man near water

You can expect temps to be cooler and wind to be stronger once you’re out on the water. Bring a windbreaker in order to stay comfortable even in the sunniest of conditions. Try to find a light-colored jacket, since the sun will reflect off your clothing and keep you cooler in hot conditions. Wear a hat to keep from long exposure to direct sunlight on your face.

#4 Non-marking soled shoes or “Boat Shoes”

white boots in a tackle shop

It’s important to wear the right shoes when you board a fishing boat. In fact, they are an essential part of any fisherman’s boating apparel (they’re really cool, too!). You’ll want to be comfortable while respecting the charter’s boat, so wear something that won’t leave marks or scuffs, if you please! We recommend non-slip, non-marked soles.

#5 Take ginger pills the night before & morning of trip

fresh sliced ginger on wood

Sea sickness is a real thing. While it doesn’t affect everyone, go ahead and take some ginger pills as a preventative measure. It’s no fun to end a trip early because of an upset stomach. Plus, we think ginger is yummy!

#6 Lunch (keep it simple)

metal tin of peanuts and dates

You want to keep your lunch simple. We recommend items like loaded sandwiches, chips, beef jerky, granola, cookies, peanuts, dates and sliced fruit – and any other snack items to your liking!

#7 Beverages

blue drink

Keep water and Gatorade nearby at all times. We like to use refillable bottles to keep plastic away from the water and prevent leaks and spills.  Keep hydrated to stay healthy and energized throughout your trip!

#8 Sun Block

four bottles of various sunblocks

Be sure to find a water-resistant sunblock that protects from both UVA and UVB rays. You will want to reapply every two hours or so as the day wears on.

#9 Ziploc Baggies (gallon size)

gallon sized ziploc bag filled with items

You will be on the water, after all. And that water can get in the boat! With all the fishy water around, take care of your important items like your keys, wallet, fishing license and phone by storing them safely in a gallon sized waterproof bag! (You’ll thank us later)

#10 Camera

arm with a smartphone and beach scene

Most of us carry fancy cameras in the form of a smart phone every day. This will work just fine. It’s your day, and you’ll want to capture the fun, funny and exciting moments on the boat. Plus, what about that trophy catch? Document to show off to your friends (that’s a big part of the fishing life, ya know!).

Our Advice:

couple showing off the day's catch

*** We didn’t mention it in the list, but maybe the most important thing to remember when going on a fishing trip is a great mood. Your trip is designed to be a fun get-a-way. Remember, you are going to encounter nature and potential obstacles, but if you go with the right attitude, your trip will be fun and memorable no matter the weather!

Now you’re all set for your first charter fishing trip in Port Arthur. Check out our list of charter fishermen in the area, and get prepared for fun!

By Callie Summerlin

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