Wade Phillips roasted ‘like a boss’

Wade Phillips roasted ‘like a boss’

Museum of the Gulf Coast is adding a bust of Denver Broncos Coach Wade Phillips, which will appear in the Sports Hall of Fame near a bust of his father, Coach Bum Phillips, as well as Kansas City Chiefs player Jamaal Charles. All have Port Arthur ties, along with Coach Jimmy Johnson.

Residents and sports celebrities gathered for the Port Arthur News Homecoming Roast in Port Arthur to honor Wade Phillips, and raise funds for the Museum of the Gulf Coast in Port Arthur. Wade’s son, Coach Wes Phillips, associated with the Washington Redskins, Texans player J.J. Watt, Johnson and others were part of a packed house. Peyton Manning sent a video roasting Phillips.

Area artist Doug Clark fashioned the sports busts, as well as works featuring Janis Joplin and The Big Bopper, displayed in the Museum. A spanning mural, music hall of fame, glass and shell collection are other highlights at Museum of the Gulf Coast in Port Arthur.

For more on the roast, check out these sources:

Wade Phillips takes his roasting like a boss:

Click here for videos Mile High Huddle posted of the event: WATCH: Broncos Defensive Coordinator Wade Phillips Get Roasted By Peyton Manning, Gary Kubiak & J.J. Watt

Click here to read Port Arthur News coverage noting retired sports editor Bob West’s organization of the roast.




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