Joey standing on the beach with his painting

Joey Blazek’s art is a product of what he has lived and learned over the past 60 years working as a graphic designer/photographer, art director and finally, a painter. As a native of Southeast Texas, he considers himself primarily a regional partner of the Coastal South. He focuses on its abundant wildlife and its coexistence with the Gulf Coast’s industrial, maritime and agricultural landscapes.

“My approach to painting has been greatly influenced by his career as a graphic designer and photographer – working in those fields gave me a keen awareness of composition. I work in studio from images I shoot throughout the Coastal South. My process is quick to capture movement and light using enhanced color and impressionistic brushstrokes. I add a minimal amount of detail allowing the viewer’s eye to fill in the rest. My objective is to take everyday subjects that people might overlook and capture them on canvas with a sense of energy and passion that I hope conveys the beauty I see.”