Bolivar Flats

american avocets wading in the water at bolivar flats

Coastal Birding

Discover Bolivar Flats, renowned for its unparalleled, year-round birding opportunities. As a designated “Globally Important Bird Area” by the Shorebird Reserve Network, this habitat boasts salt marshes, mudflats, and beach landscapes that attract a diverse array of bird species. Weather influences the species diversity, yet visitors can reliably witness impressive concentrations of birds during every season.

Among the highlights are thousands of wintering American Avocets and over 30 other shorebird species including Red Knots, Snowy and Piping Plovers, Long-billed Curlews, and Marbled Godwits. Least Terns arrive in spring for breeding, while Reddish Egrets and Magnificent Frigatebirds are year-round residents, adding to the area’s avian spectacle. Bolivar Flats is also renowned for its consistent sightings of Franklin’s Gulls during migration, making it an essential destination for bird enthusiasts.

How to Get There:

Accessible via a short 20-minute ferry ride to Galveston, Bolivar Flats offers not only exceptional birding but also convenient access to other coastal attractions.