Baubles and Bliss

1126 Boston Ave, Nederland, TX 77627
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Hi, welcome to Baubles and Bliss! We are a family-owned boutique located in the small Texas town of Nederland. I worked for many years as an executive assistant. My health began failing to the point I could not drive 20 minutes home after work. I realized I would have to leave my job.I thought about what I would do next, and the love that I always had for fashion and jewelry began to bloom! I enlisted my husband to help as he was working remotely from home as Director of Regulatory and Compliance providing expert consulting to fortune 500 companies in employment disability claims arena. My husband saw the opportunities (even though he is fashion clueless – poor thing) and dove in head first and had the vision to venture out into a retail space.  We asked our daughter to join us. She was an experienced customer service manager after working 9 years at Bed, Bath and Beyond and would become a large key to our success. She shared a love for fashion like me so she said yes! We took a giant leap of faith and in January of 2017 we opened our own brick and mortar store where we have recently purchased (Oct 2018)!


We have a passion to help women feel happy about shopping and their fashion choices. No matter your age, shape or size, we want women to feel happy about what they are wearing! We offer graphic tees, clothing, shoes, jewelry and accessories that are affordable and on trend. If you’re ever in our neck of the woods, we’d love for you to visit our store!

Getting There

Baubles and Bliss

1126 Boston Ave, Nederland, TX 77627, USA