China Inn

2600 Gulfway Dr, Port Arthur, Texas
(409) 982-4937

China Inn Restaurant is a community favorite. Sit down Chinese lunch and...

Hong Kong Chinese Restaurant

3966 Gulfway, Port Arthur, Texas 77642
(409) 983-5675


wings and fish takeout

J&J Wings & Chinese Food

1600 Bluebonnet Ave., Port Arthur, Texas 77640
(409) 985-8880

Chinese, chicken and fast food restaurant. Salt and pepper chicken wings and...

parking lot and restaurant

Kevin Rico Seafood & Oyster Bar

3148 Gulfway Dr., Ste A. Port Arthur, Texas 77642
(409) 600-2775

Seafood, Chinese and Vietnamese plates & Oyster...

bowl of japanese ramen in port arthur

Koko Ramen Hawaiian Poke Bowl

Koko Ramen Poke Bowl is the go-to spot for Japanese ramen and Hawaiian poke in...

parking lot and entrance to panda express

Panda Express

3080 FM 365, Port Arthur, TX 77642
(409) 722-9793

From our world famous Orange Chicken to our health-minded Wok Smart™...

interior decor and painted wall

Pho Neches Vietnamese Cuisine

2370 Nall Street, Port Neches, TX
(409) 344-4054

With a warm ambiance and friendly service, it’s no wonder locals and...

bowl of yummy brisket pho in port arthur texas

Pho-Seoul Viet & Kbbq

7875 Memorial Boulevard, Port Arthur, TX
(409) 895-2070

Pho-Seoul Viet & Kbbq  is Port Arthur’s newest (and might we say...

Sake Sushi Bar & Lounge

8691 Ninth Ave., Port Arthur, Texas 77642
(409) 722-7253

Easygoing, eclectic spot with stone walls and marble counters featuring Japanese...

Sam You's China Inn in Port Arthur, TX dishes of egg rolls and sweet and sour sauce, spicy garlic edamame and spicy garlic chicken

Sam You’s China Inn

4848 Twin City Hwy, Groves, Texas 77619
(409) 962-2431

Sam You’s China Inn serves the best-tasting and highest-quality Chinese and...

korean bbq in port arthur texas

Seoul Food Korean BBQ

7875 Memorial Blvd, Port Arthur, TX 77640
(409) 895-2070

Seoul Food Korean BBQ is the first KBBQ spot in Port Arthur. The all-you-can-eat...

tokyo entrance and bush

Tokyo Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Bar

3300 Central Mall Drive, Port Arthur, Texas 77642
(409) 729-0641

Local Japanese chain serving sushi, teppanyaki & drinks in a modern space...