Suffient for Lifesaving

Suffient for Lifesaving

Wheel 2Life at sea is as perilous as it is adventurous.

Museum of the Gulf Coast will feature “Sufficient for Lifesaving,” a temporary exhibit that looks at the evolution of devices from the Lifesaving Service, and later the U.S. Coast Guard. The exhibit will be from Nov. 14 through Jan. 31.

One item, that resembles a small cannon, is a David Lyle line-throwing gun used to throw a line from ship to shore if the vessel is stranded near land, to aid in evacuating those aboard a floundering vessel.

It is dated 1905, U.S.C.G.

The display card reads, in part: “While this in itself was perhaps a dangerous process, it helped to save numerous lives that would have otherwise been lost.”

Museum of the Gulf Coast tells the region’s history from before we struck oil at Spindletop to the modern pop art of Robert Rauschenberg. Save time for the Music Hall of Fame, featuring exhibits on Janis Joplin, The Big Bopper, Johnny Winter, Edgar Winter and many more.

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