Park Pick: Paddling Sea Rim

Park Pick: Paddling Sea Rim


Park Pick: Paddling Sea Rim

Relax or catch your supper on one of the state park’s paddling trails.

By Walt Bailey
State Parks Division
Regional Interpretive Specialist

I plunge my feet into the water, grab hold of both sides of my kyak and lower myself in. Life jacket adjustment? Check. Waterproof bag? Check. Water bottle? Check.

The marshes here at Sea Rim State Park can be a real maze without this important final item: a map. Fortunately, there’s an accurate, detailed map of the area printed by the Texas state park system and distributed free of charge to park visitors. Before getting into the boat, I review another version of the same map printed on colorful sign panels posted throughout the park.

Soon after pushing off, I see that the park left nothing to chance. It installed markers all along the way for each of the three paddling trails I travel. The markers match the paths shown on the map; even if I lose the map while paddling, I’ll be able to find my way back.

Reassured, I continue on my journey.

Read the rest of Walt Bailey’s journey here at the Texas Parks & Wildlife website:

Port Arthur Convention & Visitors Bureau note: Love both kayaking and fishing? Keep posted for details on the Elite Redfish Series Open Kayak Tournament, Nov. 11-12 in Port Arthur, with live public weigh ins at Mid-County Chrystler Dodge Jeep Ram. There’s no charge to watch the head-to-head action of the weigh ins.


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