Meet Gulf Coast Charlie

Meet Gulf Coast Charlie

Name the Gator

Gulf Coast Charlie is the same big, toothy, guy as he was before. But now this green fella, checking in at about 1,000 pounds, has a name.

Jenny Noack won the Museum of the Gulf Coast’s Name the Gator contest for the grinning gator who greets guests as one of the first exhibits. Children are especially drawn to him as the star of the interactive area where they can play archeologist and “dig” for fossils and artifacts.

“Most kids are amazed at how big it is. They want to know if he is real,” Stephanie C. Harren, of the museum staff, said. “Our alligator is about 13.5 feet long and weighed about 1000 pounds when he was alive. This alligator was hunted near Anahuac, which has an annual alligator festival and the largest population of gators in Texas.”

Gators like the Port Arthur area habitat and like hanging out at Sea Rim State Park’s Gambusia Nature Trail and kayak paddling trail.

Visit Museum of the Gulf Coast for a look at this gator and get a feel for his personality.

While in the area check out Gator Country for a look at Big Al and learn about just what gators do in our marshy habitat.

Gulf Coast Charlie had competition as a name. The moniker Arthur was second place, submitted by Leandro Vega; and Allie was third place, submitted by Anslie Lee.



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