How to surf fish at Sea Rim

How to surf fish at Sea Rim

IMG_1841 Can’t wait to cast at Sea Rim? Park Ranger Glenn Flood has years of surf fishing experience, and is willing to share. He wrote up these tips for visitors:

The nutrient rich surf of Sea Rim State Park attracts a plethora of game fish and prey. To the angler, this can be a fishing dream. There are two general ways to fish the surf.

You can fish with light tackle consisting of a medium action 6.5 to 7 foot spinning or bait casting rod and reel. Fish with a weighted line on the bottom and hooks baited with fresh shrimp will catch plenty of whiting, black drum, and red drum (redfish), which are all delicious table fare. When the water in the surf is clear during the summer, casting spoons, jigs, and “mirrolures” will catch the tasty speckled trout. Limiting out on “specs” can be easy when the water “greens up.”

Another method to try fishing the surf at Sea Rim State Park is to cast a piece of cut mullet or whiting baits with a 10- to 12-foot surf rod within the troughs, or between the sandbars. Due to the strong currents, baits should be anchored down with a surf weight, a weight with tines protruding out to dig into the sandy bottom. Casting bait in the second trough or beyond commonly yields “bull reds,” redfish over 28 inches. These fish average between 20 to 25 pounds, but “bull reds” up to 50 pounds are not uncommon and can be caught year round. The fall season can be the best time to catch “bull reds.” Big black drum are caught during the winter and early spring when using blue crab for bait. These are brutes that are akin to the redfish, but can grow up to 80 pounds on the Texas Gulf Coast.

A fishing license is not required to fish from the shore of any Texas State Park upon receipt of a park entry permit. Be aware that in order to retain a “bull red” over 28 inches in length you will need to use a properly completed Red Drum Tag furnished on a Texas Saltwater Fishing License. A bonus Red Drum Tag is also available to licensed anglers. Sea Rim State Park does participate in the Free Loaner Tackle Program, park users will just need to provide their own bait.

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