Bird Counts good in PA

Bird Counts good in PA


Love birding? We sure do in Port Arthur. Sea Rim State Park and Sabine Woods are top picks. Come visit any time of year.

Some of our area’s birders associated with the Golden Triangle Audubon Society, went into the field for Christmas Bird Counts. The group reported 159 bird species, the highest number since Hurricane Ike in 2008. Counters also found a Pyrrhuloxia, which was the first for the record in Jefferson County, and a groove-billed anis.

These counts are all-day events where participants identify and count all the birds they can find in a 15-mile diameter circle, most groups birding from dawn to dusk. Christmas Bird Counts are free and most, including all local counts, are open to anyone.

Area sites included Bolivar Peninsula, Turkey Creek, Orange County and Sea Rim State Park, Sabine Woods area.

For information on the group, contact John Whittle ( or 409-722-4193)

Houston Audubon maintains a list of all Texas CBCs on their web site at default.aspx/MenuItemID/1149/ MenuGroup/CBC.htm

If you have any difficulty with this long URL, simply enter “Christmas Bird Counts” in the search box on their home page, and select 2015-16 CBCs.

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