Celebrate National Tourism Week!

Celebrate National Tourism Week!


NTTW-2016-logo[1]We welcome visitors to Port Arthur every day. We’ve got our Texas hospitality on even bigger for National Travel and Tourism Week (NTTW) 2016, May 1-7. Our industry is campaigning for travel, and encouraging everyone to join us in supporting “Travel ’16.”


Go #birding and catch some waves at Sea Rim State Park and Sabine Woods, sing a Janis Joplin tune at Museum of the Gulf Coast and cast a line into Sabine Lake, where the Yellowfin Elite Redfish Series just hosted #ChallengeontheCoast 2016.


Port Arthur features friendly hotel staffs, restaurants where servers will bring you spicy crawfish and other culinary delights and attractions that will draw you into our great outdoors.


Of course you enjoy traveling. Here’s why we love it, too: It’s a job creator, it’s pro-family and it’s good for our health. The $2.1 trillion travel industry supports one in nine American jobs—research even demonstrates that 2016 election-related travel is already a boon for local economies, especially in states with presidential primaries. The travel industry provides good jobs in every single Congressional district in the country, and is in fact one of the top 10 employers in almost all 50 states. Americans save an average of $1,147 amount in taxes each year because of travel-related tax revenue in their communities.


Travel also greatly benefits our relationships, families and children. Kids who travel with their families are more likely to attend college, and earn more as adults. And it’s good for our well-being—numerous research studies have confirmed the positive health effects of travel and time off, from reducing the risk of heart disease to decreasing depression. That’s a platform anyone can support!


In light of these extraordinary returns, Port Arthur is stumping for “Travel ‘16” this NTTW, to make sure our elected leaders seek avenues to expand and support travel right here in our community.


Join our rally event from 2 to 4 p.m. at the Texas Travel Information Center, 1708 Interstate 10 in Orange, with the big lone star welcoming visitors to Texas.

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