Carnival des Cajuns

Carnival des Cajuns

Carnival des Cajuns will celebrate the area’s diverse cultures with music and good food, April 11, 2015, at the Port Arthur Pavilion, 500 Procter Street in downtown Port Arthur. Gates will open at 10 a.m. Saturday.Carnival des Cajuns Saturday bands will include Ellis Vanicor and the Lacassine Playboys, Pine Leaf Boys, Jason Deleon & Cajun Blend, John Dale Hebert & Friends, Horace Trahan & Ossun Express, Carl Hollier & Crowley Playboys. In the 17 & 1800’s Louisiana and east-southeast Texas became home to a variety of diverse cultures, notably French, African, German, Spanish, and several Caribbean islands.  These cultures blended their cuisine, music, traditions, and superstitions into an eclectic (and somewhat odd) amalgam which came to be known as “Cajun.”  Bits and pieces of that culture have so thoroughly entered the mainstream that you may be experiencing Cajun culture every day and have no idea! At the Carnival des Cajuns expect to see some of what you know and some of what you don’t!  Dance to that foot-tapping music, chow down on the rich, delicious Cajun cuisine (gumbo!) and have some fun! For information, contact Southeast Texas Arts Council, 409-835-2787 or visit or contact Tickets will be $5 and children 12 and younger will be admitted free.

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  1. The Cajuns around Port Arthur love some good gumbo, music and dancing.


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