Best lunch at Larry’s

Best lunch at Larry’s
Gail Anniboli and Stewart Gordon at Larry's French Market

Gail Anniboli and Stewart Gordon at Larry’s French Market

Cajun flavor?

Good music?

Southern hospitality?

Turns out a bus full of professional travel counselors love Larry’s French Market & Cajun Restaurant for all the reasons we do.

The Port Arthur Convention & Visitors Bureau hosted a Texas Travel Industry Association study group with stops at Sea Rim State Park, Museum of the Gulf Coast and Pompeiian Villa.

Guests enjoyed some Larry’s specialties for lunch and discussed Port Arthur sites while Jerry Dee played Cajun tunes. They didn’t have time for the dance floor, but did pause to admire murals reflecting the area’s swamp and coastal cultures.

The group voted this experience the best lunch of their multiple city journey and presented the bureau with a framed certificate for the Larry’s French Market family.

“We’re definitely a distinct place… the true Southeast Texas experience,” Stewart Gordon, general manager, said.

Larry’s is where locals often take out-of-town guests and Gordon hears how visitors experience the music, dancing, flavor and hospitality.

“It was more than they expected. They expected a restaurant. It’s the package. The Cajun atmosphere,” Gordon said.

On typical weekends, the Larry’s crowd includes extended families enjoying live music, dancing and a seafood buffet.

“ I have people in here who are 100 years old and we’ve added a children’s section on the dance floor,” Gordon said.

Server Gail Anniboli said she loves sharing the Cajun way with those who are “totally not even” familiar with how to peel a crawfish. Gordon said Larry’s serves up about 4,000 pounds a week when the season is in full swing.

Flavor your visit to Port Arthur with a bite at Larry’s French Market.




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