Story Leads


Janis Lives On

Known for her own brand of blues and rock, Janis Joplin began life January 19, 1943 in Port Arthur. Leaning towards the non-traditional, Janis eventually headed to a singing career in San Francisco generating many hits. A tribute to legend Joplin is found in the Music Hall of Fame in the Museum of the Gulf Coast and features a replica of her famous Porsche, original artworks by Janis and memorabilia.

Hospitality Blended With Cajun charm

Located in Southeast Texas near Louisiana, Port Arthur is a city of 58,000 people represented by many cultures. One of the most influential cultures being the Cajun culture. Many people originally from Louisiana moved to Port Arthur to work during the oil boom bringing great Cajun cuisine and the motto of living “Laissez les bons temps rouler” which translates to “let the good times roll.” The culture is still alive and well in Port Arthur and evident every day of the year and especially during the annual Southeast Texas Mardi Gras festival.

Art Is Born In Port Arthur, TX

Art is an important part of this Southeast Texas community. Port Arthur takes pride in native son Robert Rauschenberg, a world-renowned artist. Rauschenberg is known for his cutting edge vision and exploration of new ideas and techniques in art. A dedication to Rauschenberg and his art can be found in the Museum of the Gulf Coast. For the aspiring artist, the Texas Artists Museum features monthly shows of local artists from the area and offers two juried shows per year for nationwide competition. Art is alive and well in Port Arthur.

Come For The Wildlife

Come for the Wildlife! Port Arthur, Texas is abundant in nature and its inhabitants. Located near the Louisiana border, it features beaches, wetlands, marshes, bayous and its own island. Birdwatchers are delighted to visit the eight official sights of the Great Texas Coastal Birding Trail Sabine Loop. Roseate spoonbills are a colorful sight! Area boat tours serve up excitement as well. Alligators, mink and nutria are common sights. A walk on the beach will let you experience nature up close. So bring your binoculars and camera and come to the wildlife of Port Arthur.

A Paradise For Fishermen

Located in Southeast Texas near Louisiana, Port Arthur is nestled on the shores of Lake Sabine with wetlands and Gulf Beaches at the southern tip of the city. With a 90,000 acre saltwater lake featuring catches of speckled trout, redfish and flounder, offshore fishing charters available and surf fishing on the Gulf beaches a moment away, visiting fishermen stay for days. With marinas, lighted piers and boat ramps available, Port Arthur is set for fishing. So, whether fishing in gorgeous Pleasure Island’s Lake Sabine or going out in the Gulf, the fishing is great!